General Information

Ankara (Ancyra, Angora) is the capital of Turkey. Originally a thriving Phrygian settlement and later an important outpost of the Persian Empire under Cyrus, the city housed many Gallic tribes who settled to Asia Minor in 232 BC. Becoming the capital of the Roman Province of Galatia in 25 BC, the city successively came under Roman, Persian, Arab and Turkish rule.

Culture and History

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the city had already declined to a relatively insignificant status due to harsh living conditions, standing 900 m above sea level with its typical dry and cold inland climate. In 1920, however, it became the headquarters for the revolutionary army of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk because of its location in Central Anatolia, distant from the front lines of invading armies but yet close to all fronts, and due to its obvious contrast to the Ottoman rule in the then-capital, Istanbul. In 1923, with the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara had now become the capital city of the Republic.

Ankara now has about 3 million inhabitants and is the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. It is a major economic center, is a university city and the seat of the Turkish government.