General Information

Founded on the Eurymedon River about 16 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea, Aspendos was a very important trade city when the river was still navigable, with its primary exports being oil, wool and salt. Apparently, the city was the strongest and most prominent in Pamphylia, as evident with the coinage found throughout the ancient world. It was bordering Side, with which it exchanged hostilities from time to time.

Culture and History

The city was built by originally non-Greek peoples in 10th century BC, but later on became Greek with the arrival of colonists from Argos.

The city was the site of very important naval military battles, primarily on the Eurymedon River (Koprucay), where the Greek general Cimon of Athens had defeated the Persian fleet after the Persians had captured the city from its original inhabitants, who had also previously fought a naval battle with the victory of the city of Aspendos. The river is also famous for the naval victory of the Roman Empire against the advancing armies of the Carthagians under Hannibal.

Aspendos currently houses a major ancient theater, which is still used to this day for concerts, events and organizations.