General Information

Didyma an ancient Ionian Greek sanctuary, also known to have hosted the oracle of the god Apollo. It was within the territory of the great classical city of Miletus on the west coast of Asia Minor. The city was also the home of the Branchidae family, which ruled over the city claiming direct descent from the Greek god Apollo.

Culture and History

The origin of the name "Didyma" is most likely to be derived from the Greek word “didymus”, meaning “twins”, which would most probably have referred to Apollo and Artemis.

The city hosted a large temple even since archaic times. After its destruction in the Ionian revolt, the temple was rebuilt, but the construction lasted for several centuries. It is apparent, however, that the construction didn’t get finished even during Roman times.

Together with Delphi and Dodona, Didyma hosted one of the most important oracles of the time, and perhaps the most important in Asia Minor. The ruins of the city were unearthed starting from the 19th Century, by French and German archeologists. Some findings from Didyma are now available at the British Museum in London and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.