General Information

Miletus (Milatos), was considered to be the biggest and wealthiest of the ancient Greek cities before the Persian invasion of 6th Century BC. The city temporarily held the naval supremacy over the Aegean Sea and founded many colonies. The city’s power eventually made it come to bad terms with its neighboring cities.

Culture and History

An uprising inspired by Miletus with the Ionian Greeks against Persian Empire failed and the city was destroyed and conquered by the Persians in 494 BC, which had officially started the Persian Wars. Even though the city was reconstructed afterwards, but it never reached its former glory.

Under the Roman Empire, the city flourished again, being decorated with numerous buildings, but was overshadowed by Ephesus in importance, as Ephesus was the provincial capital at the time. The city’s perhaps most important historical significance came under the years of early Christianity, where Paul the Apostle met with the elders of the church of Ephesus during his third anf final mission, before returning to Jerusalem, as mentioned within the New Testament.