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Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

The Red Carpet Treatment You and Your Guests Deserve

Luxury Travel Services

The Red-Carpet Treatment You Deserve

Give your guests the VIP treatment; from specialized airport services to custom entertainment options, we cater for all needs of our VIP guests.

For years, we have been lucky to treat many foreign diplomats and ministers on many occasions. We have provided them with helicopter transfers, sped-up their airport experience through the special VIP Section of the airports (subject to permissions and the nature of the visit of the VIP) and police escorts during their travel around the city.

While all of our guests are important for us, some demand a higher level of service. Our extensive understanding of diplomatic protocol aids us with the perfect choices to be presented to our valuable guests, while our past experiences with celebrities and members of various royal families around the world gives us perspective on how they want to be treated.

Airport Services
From stepping out of the plane till exiting the airport.

We offer a fantastic VIP Airport Service from and to the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. Consider using this service for a ‘smoother’ airport experience.


Guests are greeted at the aircraft gate by a hostess and porter, and then expedited through the visa counter and immigration – no waiting in lines! At the luggage carousel, the porter will collect the luggage and our guests will be escorted through customs to their waiting VIP deluxe vehicle.


Guests are greeted outside the terminal by a hostess and porter, and then escorted through though a private security entrance to the terminal – no waiting in lines! After check-in procedures, guests are expedited through immigration to a private VIP waiting lounge. When the flight is ready for boarding, the hostess will collect the guests from the lounge and escort them to the waiting aircraft.

Service Rates

Services 1 Person 2 People 3-4 People
Departure Service 106 EUR 102 EUR 98 EUR
Arrival Service 98 EUR 94 EUR 90 EUR
Departure & Arrival 170 EUR 164 EUR 158 EUR
Transfer Service 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR
Apron Transfer 55 EUR 55 EUR 55 EUR

Primeclass Arrival Greeting

  • Greeting at the aircraft gate by a hostess.
  • Transfer to the terminal by an exclusive vehicle.
  • Collecting the luggage by a porter.

Primeclass Arrival VIP Passport Service

  • Handling the control, passport, custom etc. transactions at the lounge by a hostess.
  • Special no-line passport control booths.

Primeclass Lounge

  • Offering TV, Wi-Fi, magazines, newspapers and resting at the lounge (some offerings may be subject to additional fees).

Primeclass Departure Assistance

  • Greeting at the entrance of General Aviation Terminal.
  • Handling of passports and customs.
  • 20 minute prior boarding of aircraft.

Private & Luxury Entertainment
Absolutely anything to make the guests feel special.

Everything Regarding Entertainment

We supply many entertainment choices for our guests, for every taste, to liven up private parties. From privately renting certain historical sites (such as the Basilica Cistern or the Maiden’s Tower) for a private party or late dinner, to specialized laser shows, holographic shows and similar extravagant equipment, DestinationTurkey can provide all sorts of fun for the guests. Some prime examples of our services include:

  • Private venues (Historical, Non-Historical) for private parties.
  • Private dance shows for private parties (belly dancers, other types of dancers)
  • Private music groups for any taste (jazz trios, jazz quartets, rock bands, pop bands, local/cultural music)
  • Private singers, both budget ones and celebrities
  • Laser shows, holographics, fireworks and other “flashy” additions to liven up private entertainments.
  • Photography and filming services to document all the experience
  • Bodyguard and security services to escort the group wherever they wish, to make them feel special.


  • Special Night Club Access
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Dinner arrangements at historic locations

Special Access

  • Special Entry to Restricted Areas
  • Private Tours After Closing Hours
  • Appointments With VIPs


  • Venue and Party Arrangements
  • Extravagant Performances
  • Provision of Event Tickets