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Ancient Cities of Didyma, Prienne, Miletus – 8 hours – Kusadasi Port


8 hours
FIT & Groups
Daily, Year-Round

Itinerary Map


When you arrive in the port of Kusadasi, your private guide will be waiting to lead you to your private vehicle. Your first stop will be Priene. The ancient harbor city of Priene was once resettled 16km inland when the harbor was filled with silt from the Meander River, now overlooking onto the river from the foot of a mountain wall. This 2500 years old Ionian city was among the first to be planned with a grid system of streets. The Temple of Athena is still an impressive sight.

We next visit Miletus, an ancient city located near the present Akköy at the mouth of the Meander River. Once an important trade center, owing to its strategic location situated on trade routes, the city was once highly prosperous and founded many of its own colonies. Once home to ancient philosophers such as Anaximenes and Thales, these ancient ruins lie on a hill near the Aegean Sea. We will explore the antique theater, built circa 4th century BC, with over 15,000 seats. We will then visit the well-preserved Bath of Faustina, named after the wife of Marcus Aurelius, who ordered the construction.

We will then continue towards Didyma, literally meaning “twins”, associated by some as being the meeting place of Zeus and Leto to have their twins Apollo and Artemis. Didyma was famed as a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo, and was rather a sanctuary to Miletus with a 12 mile sacred road. We will explore the Temple of Apollo, one of the largest temples from the Hellenistic Period. Despite extensive construction, the temple was never fully completed. We will enjoy lunch in a local restaurant overlooking the Temple of Didyma.

At the end of the day, you will return to Kusadasi and have some time for shopping in town before returning back to the port of Kusadasi to embark on your ship.

Inclusions & Remarks

  • Pick-up & drop-off at the port of Kusadasi
  • Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking private vehicle
  • Fully escorted by a professional tour guide
  • Entrance fees at the sites mentioned
  • This tour is walking intensive, with uneven roads and pathways at the ancient ruin sites. We highly recommend comfortable shoes and adequate amounts of sunblock applied prior to the tour.
  • Tour guide is English-speaking by default. If it is demanded, other languages are available for private groups, or individual arrangements. Other language guides may cost extra.
  • Children 0-7 are free.
  • Please confirm the days in which the above locations/sights are open before making a booking for that particular day.
  • We kindly request our guests to be ready 15 minutes from your departure time.

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