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From Private Yacht Tours in Bosphorus to Aegean Voyages

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The Mesmerizing Waters of Turkey

Destination offers high quality services in organizing private yacht charters, tailor made to suit your style and pleasure. Our portfolio of gulets, yachts and luxury yachts covers a wide range of yachts to suite all budgets and expectations. Whether you are seeking a voyage in the bright blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, or are looking to add an exciting tour of the Bosphorus on your private yacht, set your course towards us.

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Istanbul Private Yacht Tours


Istanbul seen from the Bosphorus is an impressive and unforgettable cruising experience. With the yacht to yourself, you’ll soak up the atmosphere of this famous riviera, gliding by some of the best Bosphorus sights along both Asian and European shores from waterfront palaces of Sultans and their Pasha’s villas. Relax and enjoy close-up views including the European Side, Dolmabahçe Palace, Çirağan Palace, Rumeli Fortress, the Bosphorus Bridge, Asian Side and more.

We can arrage a variety of motor yachts, especially for individual travelers wishing to customise their own routes and programs. Bosphorus tours, island tours , night tours , charter tours, long-distance tours, rental yachts, daily, weekly, we always have an option for every budget. For a First Class motor yacht up to 10 people:

1200 EUR (1500 USD)

3 Hours Bosphorus Tour 8 Hours Princes’ Island Tour
1600 EUR (2000 USD)

Additional Notes:

Tours will be accompanied by 1 Captain and on some occasions, 1 Deckhand. The route will include the complete stretch of the Bosphorus from Uskudar to Beykoz, and back. Embarkment/disembarkment can depend on where the guest wishes to board.
Guides are available for additional charges.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

a. Gulet Charters (Private):

Gulet Charters are one of the most popular holiday styles in the Mediterranean and Aegean. These superb blue cruises begin with a elegant and well designed gulet.

Gulets are private Turkish masted yachts designed for relaxation and adventure and can vary in size, averaging in 12 people, with some bigger models accommodating up to 24 people.

Charter gulets come fully crewed and the gulet’s crew takes care of your safety and comfort while chef provides you with the best local specialties. The boats are chartered with captain and crew.

You will be charged on a daily rental basis regardless of the number of people who join your group. As you will have rented the whole yacht for your party, you will be able to decide on the gulet charter route and the dates of your trip yourselves.

Tours can last from 3-5-7 days to 2 weeks or more.

Full board and half board options are available.

Please view the “Boat Types” tab for more information regarding Gulets and what kinds of services/accommodation they provide.

Approximate Price Tables (Indicative Only – Read Note Below)

Type Length (m) Cabins Pax Price Range (EUR) / Daily
Standard Gulet 16-18 2-3 4-6 500-900
Standard Gulet 17-23 4-5 8-10 600-1000
Standard Gulet 21-27 6-7 12-14 800-1100
Standard Gulet 25+ 8-11 16-22 900-1500
Deluxe Gulet 23-28 4-5 8-10 1000-2000
Deluxe Gulet 24-30 6-7 12-14 1300-2200
Deluxe Gulet 25-34 8-11 16-22 1200-2100

Additional Notes:

Prices are INDICATIVE, meaning that they only serve as a guide. Prices vary depending on the boat (build year, quantity of WCs, etc) and by seasons. Please enquire for an itinerary in order to receive an exact quote. The averages have been taken using the Bodrum market only.

b. Luxury Yacht Charters (Private):

For the guests who look forward to having the comfort of a resort hotel while still cruising along the Aegean coast, Luxury Yachts are the perfect choice.

Alternatives range from luxury type gulets, bareboats, motor yachts and catamarans. There simply is a choice for every traveler’s style and price range. Charter motor yachts offer speed, modern technology, certified crews and many more top level luxuries to cater to your needs.

Yachts come fully crewed, attending to all the needs of you and your guests. From the captains, deck hands, chefs, seamen, deckhands and maids are all professionally trained personnel who have experience in attending at luxury yachts.

Luxury Yacht Charters are done on a weekly basis.

Approximate Price Tables (Indicative Only – Read Note Below)

Type Length (m) Cabins Pax Price Range (EUR) / Daily
Luxury Gulet 30-35 5 10 1800-4500
Luxury Gulet 30-36 6 12 1900-6000
Super Lux Gulet 24-36 2-4 4-8 1400-5100
Super Lux Gulet 32-36 5-6 10-12 2000-6000
Super Lux Gulet 36-40 11 22 2000-6000
Catamaran 13-15 4 (1-2 WC) 8 2500-6000
Monohull 11-14 3-4 6-8 1000-2500
Monohull 15-16 5-6 10-12 2500-4500
Motor Yacht 15-19 2-3 4-6 2500-4500
Motor Yacht 20-30 4-5 8-10 6000-9000
Motor Yacht 30-35 5-6 10-12 9000-11000

Additional Notes:

Prices are INDICATIVE, meaning that they only serve as a guide. Prices vary depending on the boat (build year, quantity of WCs, etc) and by seasons. Please enquire for an itinerary in order to receive an exact quote. The averages have been taken using the Bodrum market only.

As DMT, we only provide Private Charters and do not offer Cabin-Only booking services. For such requests, you are more than welcome to contact us to enquire about agencies providing the service.

Airconditioning can only be turned on while the generator is running or plugged in to a 220V outlet at a harbor. While anchored in a bay, the power generators must be engaged, causing a lot of noise especially on the gulets. This also disturbs the neighbors. Therefore, generators are not run while anchored in bays. This applies to greater private yachts to a certain degree.

All our charters are crewed. For bareboat charters, we can provide you with the names of the agencies specializing in bareboats.

Turkey is considered one of the premiere destination for those searching for an unforgettable sailing experience. The unparallelled experience of cruising from bay to bay on the Aegean coasts of Turkey has been called “Mavi Yolculuk” (Blue Voyage) by the locals and is even a dream among Turks themselves.

These tours offers picturesque scenes of nature, wildlife, an abundance of sea life and history, such as the Sunken City of Simena in Kekova.

Popular Destinations

More thorough descriptions on some of the following destinations can also be found under our Turkey Highlights pages. Out of these destinations, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Bodrum are popular starting spots for yacht charters.


FethiyeNational Park / Town


DalyanNational Park


Popular Routes / Itineraries

We offer our guests tailor-made programs to serve their specific interests and holiday programs. The suggested itineraries on this site are therefore only suggestions and can be altered or extended according to your wishes.

By the Turkish Coast

Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Marmaris
Day 2: Ekincik / Dalyan
Day 3: Disibilmez, Merdivenli Bay, Kizilada.
Day 4: Kizilada, Oludeniz
Day 5: Gocek
Day 6: Bedri Rahmi, Sarsala, Aga Limani
Day 7: Kadirga Bay – Marmaris
Day 8: Marmaris, Disembarkment
Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Bodrum
Day 2: Orak Island, Cokertme
Day 3: Seven Islands, English Port
Day 4: Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island), Karacasogut
Day 5: Longoz Bay, Tuzla Bay
Day 6: Kargili, Kisekbuku
Day 7: Pabuc, Yaliciftlik, Bodrum
Day 8: Bodrum, Disembarkment
Antalya – Kekova – Antalya (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Antalya
Day 2: Olympos, Cavus Bay
Day 3: Demre (Myra), Gokkaya Bay
Day 4: Tersane Bay, Ucagiz Bay
Day 5: Simena, Kekova
Day 6: Geonese Port, Phaselis
Day 7: Alacasu Bay, Kemer Marina
Day 8: Antalya, Disembarkment
Marmaris – Datca – Marmaris (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Marmaris
Day 2: Arap Island, Bozukkale
Day 3: Datca
Day 4: Aktur, Bencik
Day 5: Hisaronu Gulf
Day 6: Dirsek Buku, Bozburun Bay
Day 7: Kadirga, Marmaris
Day 8: Marmaris, Disembarkment

Turkish Coast and Greek Dodecanese Islands Mixed

Marmaris –Datca – Rhodes – Marmaris (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Marmaris
Day 2: Arap Adasi, Bozukkale
Day 3: Bozburun
Day 4: Bencik, Datca
Day 5: Symi
Day 6: Rhodes
Day 7: Marmaris
Day 8: Marmaris, Disembarkment
Bodrum –Rhodes – Symi – Kos – Bodrum (8 D / 7 N)
Day 1: Embarkment, Bodrum
Day 2: Cnidos, Inciburun, Bencik
Day 3: Dirsekbuku, Bozburun
Day 4: Rhodes
Day 5: Symi
Day 6: Kos (Nisyros, Cos)
Day 7: Poyraz, Meteor, Bodrum
Day 8: Bodrum, Disembarkment


A Gulet is a large traditional motor yacht usually made of wood. They were primarily used as commercial trade vessels transporting goods around the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Modern Gulets are still made to the original design having 1, 2 and sometimes 3 masts. The engines are large enough to power the yacht for its entire voyage, however when the wind is favorable these yachts can achieve reasonable speeds under sail.

When it comes to the hull shape and mast count, there are three types of gulets: standard, Ayna Ketch, and the Tirhandil. Of the three types, the Tirhandil is the closest to the original Gulet design and the most suited for cruising under sail. The Ayna Ketch (“Mirror-Aft”) type has a small variation from the original design, with a raised aft deck to accommodate extra cabin space below. Most modern charter gulets are of the Ayna Ketch type since they accommodate more cabins. These are also larger in size compared to other gulets.


Tier 1: Standard Gulets

These gulets are regularly used for daily charters or as the economical versions of weekly gulet charters, or for shorter distances. They do not have showers or air conditioning. They can be likened to a floating two to three star hotel.


Tier 2: Deluxe Gulets

These gulets have more facilities compared to the standard gulets, and are the most sought after gulet type in use for weekly chargers, especially for long-distance itineraries. The cabins are more comfortable and spacier. Almost all have air conditioning, a shower on-board and spacier facilities. They can be likened to a floating four star hotel. Cabins have privae en-suite bathroom facilities, and most have double beds.


Tier 3: Luxury Gulets

These are essentially floating boutique hotels, with very large rooms, bathrooms, salons, breakfast/dinner/lunch areas and other social areas. They have many more equipment and facilities on board such as in-room TVs for every cabin, minibars and the like. These are ideal for higher budget or even VIP guests.


Tier 4: Super Luxury Gulets

These gulets sit at the top of their class in terms of quality. They are floating five-star hotels with modern design rooms that can easily be likened to a suite on a 5 star city hotel, with spacious bathrooms, special services, minimalistic/modern lighting and design in social areas, and even some other luxury items such as on-board hot tub. These are ideal for top VIP guests.

Other Types of Boats



Unlike gulets, sailboats come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Single, double or tripple masted, depending on the length of the vessel, the various designs of sailboats allow them to have various different uses and purposes.



These are special yacths that is the love of many bareboat fans. Small, slick, modern, but yet comfortable, sailboats generally combine a mix of wood, fiberglass, plastic and carbon-fiber. Many are smaller in cabin size, and most lack the large decks. Due to their sizes, most of them are generally charterred as bareboat (ie. without captain/crew).



These are double-hulled boats. Generally, the aft deck is very large and the interior compartments (saloon, etc.) are quite spacious, but the cabins are generally small due to the thickness of the front of the hulls. Modern designs have a deck at the front, bridging the two hulls, but some smaller designs have nets instead.


Motor Yachts

Perhaps the most luxurious among all boat types are the motor boats; mastless, spacious and full of extra facilities. Mostly considered for short distance travels, these are excellent vessels to use in urban waters. Some can easily handle a crew of 7. These can easily accommodate large groups and are excellent for larger familiies and VIP treatments.